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Tomsk_2.jpgA new initiative is launched, which will allow to present real Artsakh at the academic level. It will be implemented through the cooperation between the Russia-Armenian Cooperation organization, the Yerevan and Tomsk State Universities.
The initiative authors have recently arrived in Stepanakert to suggest the Artsakh State University also to participate in this program.
Till the end of the year, an Armenian Political Researches Center will be opened at the Tomsk State University. The one-week Winter School organized by the Russian-Armenian Cooperation organization, the Yerevan and Tomsk State Universities comprise a five-member group of young scientists and researchers, which should become the core of the Center. The young scientists have recently visited the Artsakh State University.
Prorector Valery Avanesian emphasized the main goal of the meeting: “I believe one of the most important and interesting parts of this initiative should be the establishment of direct cooperation between the Artsakh and Tomsk State Universities”. In turn, Chairman of the Russian-Armenian Cooperation organization Yuri Navoyan said, “This should become yet another opportunity to present the reality about Artsakh to Russia and other foreign states”.   
The representatives of the Tomsk University are aware of Artsakh, but this is their first visit to the country. They have witnessed it is a state. “Nagorno Karabakh has all the attributes of a state. According to the Montevideo Convention, they are the territory, the population, the authorities governing the territory and the population, and the foreign relations. All this is available here. There is one thing left to achieve – de jure recognition”, said a graduate student and lecturer of the Tomsk State University, Van Harutyunian. The guests also see development prospects here. They are sure that the results of the economic policy assumed by the authorities of Artsakh will be obvious soon. “Even compared with a number of states, in particular, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, market liberalization in Armenia and Artsakh is on a much higher level, and more benefits are provided, thus attracting new investments. I think this process will be continued, giving its results”, expressed her confidence graduate student of the Tomsk State University Yulya Zhuchkova.
This is appreciated not only by individuals and not only on the academic level. The fact that the people of Artsakh could build a state in the conditions of a continuing war, remaining adherent to the international norms of democracy, is admitted also by Western reputable organizations, noted graduate student of the Tomsk State University Areg Galstyan. «Show me a country, which managed to build a state in war conditions, it being so efficient that the Freedom House declared this state the leader on freedom in the South Caucasus. There is no similar example. I can't but agree with my colleagues that the people here have achieved such results. And I believe it should contribute to the de jure recognition of Artsakh», continued Yulya Zhuchkova.
The Center, which is to be established at the Tomsk University, will also present fair information about Artsakh to Russia and other foreign states on the academic level. It is expected that the academic potential of the Artsakh State University will be also involved in this process. And the first step to the cooperation with the Artsakh State University will be the participation of the ArSU academicians in the scientific conference to be held at the Tomsk University to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.