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One more important factor promoting the economic development


 The processing companies play a rather big role in the development of our country's economy, especially in the agricultural sector.

They give land users the opportunity to think also of cultivating non-traditional crops; solve the important problem of sale, which helps and gives confidence to the farmers in increasing the sowing areas. The significance of the “Eriz group” company operating in Berdashen community is considerably greater in this connection.

We got acquainted with the activities of the company through our conversation with the Executive Director Artur Hovhannisyan.

A. Hovhannisyan has been heading the company for a few months now, and is the Executive Director since October, 2018.

My interlocutor presented that the company consists of three workshops: wheat processing (flour mill), buckwheat processing and bakery workshop. Our conversation touched upon the technical equipment, plant capacity, sales and other issues of the plant's workshops.

Wheat is harvested for the flour mill. It is being processed and reprocessed, from which they get first grade flour and bran. Referring to the possibility of flour milling, it has been noted that up to 5 tons of first class flour can be received per day, but the planning is limited to 4 tons.

The buckwheat's workshop is new; it has been founded in April, 2018. Presenting the production capacities of the workshop, the executive director mentioned that it includes all the processes of buckwheat processing, from the acquisition of raw material to the finished product. They produce here about two tons of ready-made products daily. The demand for the product is high.

Raw materials of buckwheat and wheat are supplied by the local producers with whom contracts are concluded in advance. According to the contracts, purveyance is carried out during the harvest, and further works are organized.

The mill also receives orders of flour milling from the citizens. Since it is located in Berdashen community, the main contact is with the local population. There are cases, when people apply for their service. The head of the flour mill pre-registers the orders, and in case of registration for the relevant batch, the day for milling the wheat of the population is appointed. That whole day the mill works only for the population.

The raw material of the bakery workshop is the local flour. Daily they bake from 1400 to 1500 kg template type (loaf) bread maximum. Depending on the demand of the population they bake also “matnakash”(an oval or round flatbread, which can be translated as “stretched by fingers”) upon request.

The success of the production is largely dependent on technical equipment. A. Hovhannisyan mentioned that the buckwheat workshop is the only one in Armenia and Artsakh with its structural equipment; there are all the modern technical requirements for high quality raw material processing.

However, the outwearing of technical equipment at the workshops of wheat processing and bakery is highly felt, because old equipment is being exploited mainly. Although some aggregates have been changed, they still need upgrading in this direction. Everything is being done here so that the works can be arranged on time and in good quality. It is natural that problems exist, and they are solved operatively and the overall work does not suffer. It was hoped that in the course of time it would be possible to equip with the necessary technical means. There are skillful professionals having the required knowledge, who serve and are consistent in their work.

Any producer first takes into consideration the sales market. The main consumer of the plant's production is the Defense Army. In case of demand they are ready to sell their products at sales points. There is no limitation in this regard yet. The factory also provides jobs, which is no less important. Here mainly 20 people are provided with work. With regard to the expansion of production, the number of workers will also increase. We also discussed the quality of the product with the Executive Director. Since they deal with food, he assured that they work with high responsibility and consciousness. There are all the necessary conditions to get high-quality products.

He spoke about the upcoming programs: first of all upgrading works of the technical means would be carried out, which will allow to think about further expansion of production volumes.

The activity of such factory in the territory of Berdashen will allow the region's farmers to increase the sowing areas of buckwheat and wheat. This was also confirmed by the head of department of the Agricultural Census (AC) of the regional administration Robert Vanyan, who assured that the producers will not have any problem with the harvest. According to him, today special importance is given to the cultivation of buckwheat.