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Circle of Friendship with Artsakh Established in Australia

On August 1, the members of the Artsakh delegation met with representatives of the Armenian community structures in Sydney.

 Head of the delegation, Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian and member of the National Assembly of Artsakh David Ishkhanyan delivered speeches at the meeting. The speakers presented the foreign and domestic policy of Artsakh and answered the numerous questions of the participants.

During the event, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee (Hay Dat) of Australia Hayk Kayserian announced the establishment of a Circle of Friendship with Artsakh in Australia. On behalf of the Armenian National Committee (Hay Dat) of Australia, he handed a special memorable plaque to Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian with the list of members of the Circle of Friendship with Artsakh. Members of the Federal Parliament, Senators, Ministers, as well as the Prime Minister of New South Wales, the Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of the Parliament of the State, scientists, clergymen and cultural figures have joined the Friendship Circle. The Circle currently includes about 40 members.

Head of the delegation Masis Mayilian expressed confidence that a similar Circle of Friendship with Australia would be established in Artsakh.