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Gala event organized by “Hay Dat” commissions and offices in Brussels

On 9 November Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan partook in Brussels at a gala event organized by "Hay Dat" commissions and offices.

In his speech the President welcomed the attendees, conveyed the warmest wishes of the Artsakh people, highlighted the importance of conducting such events qualifying it a platform to discuss national and international developments, get acquainted with various opinions.
Bako Sahakyan touched upon a range of fundamental concepts of Artsakh's state-building, domestic and foreign policy.
"Dynamic and serious geopolitical movements and changes are taking place in the world, with a significant stream of these changes taking place in our and neighboring regions. It requires greater vigilance, increased level of cooperation, introduction of corrections and changes in relation with various countries, its tactics and strategies", underscored the Artsakh Republic President in his speech.
The Head of the State highlighted that all our victories and achievements are based on the unity of the people, unshakable faith, collective will, optimism and painstaking work pointing out the need of doing the possible in this respect, cementing the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity on a consistent basis, developing and deepening cooperation and ties between Artsakh and its friends.
The President expressed gratitude to the participants for consistent support shown to Artsakh and active participation in the solution of national issues.