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Address in connection with the Memory Day of the 1915 Genocide Victims

On 24 April Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent an address in connection with the Memory Day of the 1915 Genocide Victims.

The address runs as follows:
"Dear compatriots,
Today, it is the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Today, we pay homage to the memory of our innocent victims in special conditions. This year, due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus spread all over the world, the memorials to the holy martyrs of the Armenian Genocide will not be as crowded as they are every year.
However, I am more than confident, that every single Armenian in any corner of the world is mentally experiencing this dreadful tragedy that happened more than a century ago, mourning for our brothers and sisters, millions of mutilated destinies, who have been subjected to unspeakable violence and torture, starvation and massacres, left without home and shelter.
We live through this with deep pain and sorrow, at the same time full of faith that such cruel and inhuman crimes will never be repeated, not only with our people, but all over the world.
And there is only one way to achieve this: genocides should be unconditionally recognized and condemned. We are grateful to those countries, all those people who are with us in this struggle.
Dear compatriots,
We all must learn lessons from history, must learn from today's reality and do everything in our power to make the Armenian statehood and Mother Armenia stronger and more powerful day by day, to preserve the steadfastness of our unity, the inviolability and inevitability of the eternity path of the Armenian people."