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October 11, the…

 Opening of the forum, the Head of the Parliament noted, that justice and peace are universal values that are demanded and up-to-date in all regions, at all times, and for all nations. He emphasized, that these very ideas have brought together the friends of Artsakh doing the same work in different countries around the world.

During the first session of the forum the National Assembly President presented the report on "New Opportunities for Parliamentary Diplomacy in Artsakh" and introduced the activities carried out by the parliament in the field of foreign policy and the opportunities to activate them. He noted in particular, , that in the case of Artsakh, when the possibilities of conducting foreign policy due to the unrecognized position are limited. At the parliamentary level the importance of contacts and relationships is more emphasized and, moreover, through diplomatic efforts over the past 30 years, parliamentary diplomacy has played a valuable role in the foreign policy of Artsakh.

In his speech Ashot Ghulyan touched upon the participation of parliamentarians in the May 1994 ceasefire negotiations, activities of friendship groups and circles in the National Assembly, international cooperation at the level of political forces and in the activation of parliamentary diplomacy through personal involvement and willingness of individual parliamentarians.




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Opening of the “Cooperation for Justice and Peace” conference Opening of the “Cooperation for Justice and Peace” conference
On 11 October…
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