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The inhabitants of Talish have lost their homes for the second time.

In the early morning hours of April 2, the civil population of the village was sleeping without even supposing that the Azeris could take a sudden attack, enter the village, open fire on them, mock the sleeping elderly... 

As usual, this time too, they applied their 'clumsy' policy.

The villagers, who were in a step from the hell, were evacuated... Some found shelter at their friends and relatives, while others fled the NKR. Many people were placed in hotels and hostels. The Government of Artsakh is taking steps to bring back those who found temporary shelter in the settlements of the Republic of Armenia. According to the NKR Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Samvel Avanesyan, since the very first day, the ministry has maintained close contacts with the RA regional administrations, the State Migration Service of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, and the NKR Representation Office, which have constantly informed about the status of the evacuated families. In addition, for this period, a working group, headed by the NKR Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Lenston Gulian, has been sent twice to Armenia, where it met with the families settled in different places. The officials offered them to return to Artsakh, promising to provide them with temporary housing in a safe place, the articles of prime necessity, and ensuring other social guarantees. According to Mr. Avanesyan, in April-May, they provided the families with pensions and benefits, made an inventory of their property for paying them corresponding reimbursement.

No matter how good the conditions in hotels and hostels are, the evacuees need to have a permanent place of residence and their own homes. What do the authorities think about it? Where are they going to settle them? Talish, though under the control of the NKR Defense Army, but is still dangerous for the people to return there. The residents do not want to return, and the republic's leadership is not interested in spending millions of AMD for the restoration or construction of new homes for the second time in the conditions of the unresolved conflict. It is still senseless. The enemy is unpredictable, and the ceasefire is relative.

Recently, the NKR President has met with the residents of Talish and Mataghis to talk to them and to find out their opinions. The problem should be solved, no matter how difficult it may be. It is desirable to take into account the views of the people who have suffered from the war, who are not to blame for the resettlement, for the created situation, and for their bitter fate. They want to live in their homeland, comfortably and peacefully... And they have the right to it.