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October 30 is celebrated in the Republic of Artsakh asthe Day of the State Service for Emergency Situations under the NKR Government.

 On this occasion, a solemn meeting took place on October 31 in the meetings hall of the State Service for Emergency Situations. It was attended by NKR President Bako Sahakyan, employees of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, Chief of Staff of the NKR President's Office Marat Musayelyan, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Artsakh Arthur Mosiyan, and other officials.

The current system of the State Service for Emergency Situations was established on May 24, 1990, based on the Artsakh rescue team. Director of the NKR State Service for Emergency Situations Arthur Harutyunyan delivered a speech on the structure's activities and the way passed. It was noted that,according to the Government decree of 1995, the NKR Department for Emergency Situations had been established. It comprised the paramilitary fire brigades of Stepanakert, Askeran, Hadrut, Martakert, Martuni, and Shushi. In the subsequent years, the system passed the stages of development and currently it includes the rescue and fire-and-rescue services, the civil defense sphere, the services for technical security, seismic protection, and hydrometeorology, as well as the functions of an authorized body for the state material reserves spheres. According to Mr. Harutyunyan, the State Service for Emergency Situations is playing its role in ensuring the country's defense, and the vigilance of the system and its employees is very important, because it affects the safety of our people’s  life and living conditions. In the current complicated geopolitical situation, the NKR is not immune either from war or from emergencies. Such situations cause numerous human losses, but today’s technical equipment of the service allows to respond quickly to emergencies, to reduce the losses, or even to eliminate them. "Our mission is to leaveto the present and future generations a stable and developing country, able to withstand all the challenges. Thanks to the service, other interested bodies and the society,it has become possible to avoid the damages caused by natural and man-made disasters, or to reduce them to a minimum. Thanks to the achievements of the system, we have a structure, which is able to help our citizens in a difficult moment, to participate,if necessary, in the protection of the state borders, and to respond quickly to the signals of emergencies", Mr. Harutyunyan said.

The Service cooperates actively with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia and different structures of the NKR. Re-training programs, as well as those on material and technical assistance are implemented. A Crisis Management Center is operating here, which assists in getting the information for the Service, planning and implementing the works. The increase in the number of signals received by the Center for the last year testifies to the society’s confidence towards the Service, to the increase of its role and authority. Mr. Harutyunyan also noted some problems, which are in the focus of attention of the country's leadership and which will soon be resolved.

On the occasion of the professional holiday, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Union of Volunteers Yerkrapah, the NKR Defense Ministry, the Police Service, the Union of Freedom Fighters of Artsakh, the NKR President's Office and the Government delivered congratulatory speeches. According to the corresponding decisions of the aforementioned bodies,on the occasion of their professional holiday and the 24th anniversary of the structure,the Director of the Service and some staff members were awarded with diplomas, medals, cash awards and valuable gifts for their high-level professional skills. Some employees of the system were awarded with a commemorative medal of the NKR Prime Minister and with diplomas.

State awards were handed to some staff members of the Service by President Bako Sahakyan. In his speech, the President of Artsakh noted that the awards were the assessment of the daily painstaking work of theService employees. Without their work, it is difficult to imagine the normal functioning of our Republic, the quiet and safe life of our citizens. The holiday is an occasion to reconsider the way passed by the Service and to determine the future tasks. "We have prepared and professional rescuers and firefighters, selflessly performing their duties, who, together with other concerned structures, are actively involved in the successful and efficient implementation of republican events. I would like to emphasize the role of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia in the recorded achievements and to express our deep gratitude to it",said Bako Sahakyan. The Head of State expressed confidence that the cooperation between the two structureswould be further expanded, and the state would make every effort to resolve the problems facing the Service, to improve the working and social conditions of its employees.