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Defense Minister of Armenia: Yerevan is not Satisfied with the Reaction of the International Community to the Violations of the Ceasefire Regime by Azerbaijan

To date, the situation is calm, and there is no special tension, as Armenian Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan told journalists on Friday, commenting on yesterday's incident on the Voskepar-Baghanis road.

 On April 20, at about 4:30 p.m., disorderly firing was launched from the Azerbaijani positions towards the Voskepar-Baghanis interstate road (Tavush region of Armenia). As informed by the head of the village of Baghanis, Narek Sahakyan, a truck belonging to "Jermuk Group" Company was fired. As a result, the truck was damaged, while the driver was not injured.

“Such incidents occur periodically”, the Minister said.

“We do not think that this is a good way. We base on the fact that compliance with the ceasefire is binding for the parties. Each violation must be condemned by the international community and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen. To date, we are not satisfied with their reaction", the Minister said.

Vigen Sargsyan also noted that the situation over the previous weeks had relatively been calm, with a small number of violations.

Touching upon the appointment of the representative of Armenia - Secretary of the National Security Council of the Republic of Armenia Yuri Khachaturov - to the post of CSTO Secretary General, Vigen Sargsyan noted that it had both advantages and shortcomings.

"It is clear that the perception of any potential statement by Khachaturov will be as follows: he is a citizen of Armenia, so it cannot be otherwise. Although, in fact, he has assumed the post of Secretary General not as a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, but as an international official", the Minister said.

According to him, Armenia will continue to work to strengthen the CSTO, which is a structure due to resolve a wide range of issues. "We have this potential and will continue to do our utmost to ensure that our membership in the CSTO is the most efficient and helpful", the RA Defense Minister stressed.