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Local Elections Reaffirm Artsakh People's Commitment to Decide Its Own Fate in a Democratic Way

On October 10, 2021, elections were held in 4 communities of the Artsakh Republic: Khachmach and Tsaghkashat communities of Askeran region, Nor Ghazanchi community of Martakert region, and Herher community of Martuni region.
From the perspective of proper exercising of the right to vote and observing the electoral legislation, the information provided by the media covering the elections, the assessments of the observer organizations are extremely important. The elections were covered by 27 journalists, and the electoral process was monitored by 17 representatives of a number of observer organizations, whose conclusions show that the elections were held smoothly, without obstacles, in accordance with the norms of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Artsakh and international standards.
This is the first electoral process organized in Artsakh after the aggression unleashed against the peaceful population of Artsakh in the fall of 2020. It has a special significance in the sense that it reaffirms the loyalty of the people of Artsakh to the democratic path they have adopted since independence, guaranteeing one of the most important political human rights enshrined in international conventions and domestic law - the right to vote.
The Artsakh movement, the proclamation of the independence of the Artsakh Republic, the 30-year path of state-building have crystallized the commitment of our people to be guided by democratic values, and the agenda of protection and full respect for human rights.