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Extraordinary Sitting Convened in the Republic of Artsakh Parliament

July 22, according to Article 114 of the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh and Article 40 of the "Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly" National Assembly convened an extraordinary sitting. The extraordinary sitting was convened on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Artsakh on his own agenda.

 Presenting the Electoral Code and the package of drafts submitted in the second reading for the NA consideration, Justice Minister Ararat Danielyan noted that after the adoption of the law in the first reading, more than three dozen proposals were received by the NA factions and one deputy. More than two dozen suggestions have been made by the author.

The Minister touched upon the presented proposals, highlighting especially the publication of voter lists, the formation of proportional lists, the ban on charity during the elections and issues relating to the facilitation of electoral rights for persons with physical disabilities.

After listening to the endorsement of the Standing Committee on Leadership, State and Legal Affairs there was an exchange of ideas during which deputies Gagik Baghunts, Arthur Tovmasyan, Edward Aghabekyan and Ashot Ghoulyan made speeches.

In his final speech Ararat Danielyan touched upon the concerns and suggestions voiced during the exchange of ideas. The Code has been adopted with 26 votes in favor and 4 against.

Ararat Danielyan then presented the draft law “On Parties”. According to the Minister, the Dashnaktsutyun faction has submitted a proposal on the bill after the first reading.

After receiving the endorsement of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs the parliament passed the law in the second reading with a vote of 26 for and 1 abstentions.

Presenting the draft law "On State Support to the Information Technology", attached projects to the NA for consideration, Minister of Economy and Industrial Infrastructure Levon Grigoryan said that after the first reading there was no proposal.

By the endorsement of the NA Standing Committee on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure the parliament has adopted the law by voting 25 votes “for”.

Closing the sitting, the NA President thanked MPs and representatives of the government for their effective work and announced that starting from tomorrow, the MPs and staff will start a vacation period stipulated by law.