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Items filtered by date: Friday, 03 May 2019

Artsakh Republic President signed laws

Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan signed a law "On Pardon", a law "On Making an Amendment to the NKR Criminal Code", a law "On Making a Change to the NKR Criminal Procedure Code", a law "On Making Changes and Amendments to the NKR Water Code" and a law "On Making Changes to the Law "On the National Water Program of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic"".




Amendments to the 2019 State Budget Discussed at the Extraordinary Sitting of the Parliament

May 3, according to the NA Rules of Procedure and the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh, as well as on the initiative of the President of the Republic, an extraordinary meeting of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly was held. In accordance with the law, the initiator introduced one issue in the agenda - the draft law “On Amendments to the Law of the Artsakh Republic “On the State Budget of the Artsakh Republic for 2019”.

Parliament Approved Proposed Changes in the State Budget

 May 3, the discussion of the draft law "On Amendments to the Law of the Artsakh Republic, "On the State Budget of the Republic of Artsakh for 2019" continued at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly at 17.30 according to a special procedure, continued at 17:30.

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