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At the initiative of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Armenia to Fresno, State of California, the USA, and with the support of the local Armenian community, on October 10-12, American doctors organized an 'Open Day' at the Outpatient Department of the NKR Republican Medical Center, Maternal and Child's Health Center, 'Arevik' Children's Medical Association, and 'Dentex Dental Group' dental clinics.

 Within the program, about 30 doctors - therapists, general and maxillofacial surgeons, neonatologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, pediatricians, and dentists held free consultations and examinations, as well as performed surgeries.According to Honorary Consul of Armenia to Fresno Perj Abgaryan, the group of American doctors provided two-week free health services to the population of Armenia and Artsakh. Working in various establishments, the professionals offered their servicesespecially among soldiers (maxillofacial surgeons performed a large number of operations). NKR Minister of Health Karine Atayanreceived the American doctors to discuss the program and future activities. “What we are doing is a small contribution, and real heroes are you living here and our soldiers defensing the country's borders. You deserve our appreciation and gratitude. We are very happy to provide material and humanitarian assistance to Artsakh, supported by the Armenian community of Fresno. We hope that the program will be effective - cooperation will be established with the local doctors, and we'll exchange our professional experience”, said P. Abgaryan.

The overseas doctors brought the necessary medicines and equipment. Among them is 'Retinoskop' device, which is very important for eye fundus examination. It is used especially for patients suffering from diabetes and running the threat of becoming blind as a result of the disease. 'Universal Biopharma' organization's representatives, ophthalmologists Kuldip Tusu and Pablo Cuadros presented the device to thelocal specialists, ensuring that they would always support the Artsakh ophthalmologists by their consultations. According to Mr.Cuadros,using the device, the local doctors will take photos of eye fundus and send the images via the Internet to California, where he and his father, George Cuadros, will conduct free researches and send the diagnosis via e-mail.

Gynecologist Jeff Thomas provided health services at theMaternal and Child's Health Center. He was in different regions of Armenia and has visited Artsakh for the first time, performinghard surgery and rendering professional assistance. According to him, such visits are useful both for Artsakh and American doctors. Joint work contributes to the increase of professional skills.The American doctors' group comprised five Armenians. Martha Nalbandian is a native of the Shahumian region, now living in Fresno. She is very happy to be again in Artsakh and apply her professional skills in the homeland. In turn, M. Nalbandian, investigating heart problems, hypertension and patients suffering from other pathologies, called attention to their health, especially in the case of high pressure. The blood pressure of 90-140 and size have been considered highly aggressive, with the need to fight against drugs. The doctor explained the proper use of medications and to improve the quality of life, as well as drugs to prevent strokes and heart attacks have to use a little dose, gradually increasing it.

Representative of 'Covidien' Company, surgeon Anibal Rodriguez, as well as general andlaparoscopic surgeon cooperating with the Company, Van Poghosyan, donated to a lot of equipment to Artsakh. According to Van Poghosyan, laparoscopic surgery is widespread in the world. It is performed without breaking, with minimal pain, and the patient can return home the next day. Under the traditional method, patients have to stay in hospital for a month, and they may also have complications.

The American doctors shared their experience and modern methods, as well as performed complex operations and expanded the cooperation ties.