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25 years ago, on October 30, small Harutyun received the most specific birthday gift, when he was 5 years old. It was the liberation of his native village of Togh. It was gifted by his father, Armen Gasparyan, and his father's comrades in arms.

 Unfortunately, it was the last gift he received from his father, as one and a half year later, his 32-year-old father perished heroically in the battle for Hadrut region's Norashen height. He was posthumously awarded the 'Battle Cross' medal. Today, Harutyun is already 30, and he continues his father's job, serving in the NKR Defense Army. Each year, on October 30, Armen's big family visits the native village of Togh and puts flowers on the memorial erected in the center of the village.

Armen’s wife Angela remembers that in those days 25 years ago she was in Stepanakert with their three children. For several days there was no news from her husband. One day, a relative came to them to inform that rumors were circulating about the liberation of Togh from the Azeris. “Three days later, Armen came back and confirmed the news, noting that the liberation of the village was his elder son's birthday gift”, says Angela.

Much has been written about this brilliant operation, and there is no need to describe its details, but it should be noted that the liberation of Togh is, surely, one of the first victories of our national-liberation struggle, which is important from both the military and historical perspectives. Armen’s comrades in arms confirm that he was confident that the operation would end without any losses, and that's what happened. He was mistaken only in one thing, saying that the Azeris’ bullet would not catch him. It caught him one and a half year later. He is a hero of his nation and homeland. And he sacrificed the most valuable thing, his life, for the sake of the homeland.  

Heroes should be recognized, and the history should not be distorted.

Having lost her husband, the hero's wife managed to properly bring up their four children. All four of them have a higher education. Her two sons, Harutyun and Hrayr, serve in the Defense Army, and her third son, Hayk, distinguished himself during the April four-day war and was awarded the medal 'For Courage'. The three sons, participating in the military operations in April, proved that they are the worthy sons of their hero-father, their state and nation. The daughter, Heghnar, works, as well as helps bring up her elder brother's two children. The doors of Armen's big and friendly family are always open for friends and relatives. And just a month ago, a long-awaited baby, Armen Harutyun Gasparyan, was born - a specific gift by Harutyun to his granny Nina and his mother.