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'Open Day' in Stepanakert

 On November 7-8, on the initiative of Armenia's  'EcoSense' Diagnostic Center, an Open Day was organized in the Stepanakert 'Dentex Dental' Ltd. Company. Under the project, free consultations and researches were held by the following categories of doctors: gynecologist, rheumatologist, and ultrasound researcher. On November 7, the representatives of the 'EcoSense' Center held another conference for obstetrician-gynecologists and related professionals of Artsakh. Yet two years ago, the specialists of the Center organized a conference and a humanitarian action in Artsakh, as well as established cooperation ties with the ‘Dentex Dental’ Clinic, where a branch of the ‘EcoSense’ started operating. During these years, over 7.000 diagnostic researches were carried out by ultrasound research specialists in the small diagnostic branch-center in Stepanakert, with the use of corresponding equipment. According to ‘EcoSense’ Diagnostic Center’s Director, Doctor of Medical Sciences Inessa Nazaryan, October 12 is the International Day of Rheumatology, and a three-day action was conducted in Yerevan in this regard; so they decided to continue the project in Artsakh. Both in Yerevan and Stepanakert, the number of patients examined in the framework of the project was great. «Realizing that the majority of women do not care for their health, we decided to organize a free action of researches and included gynecologists in our experts' team. I believe that development programs in Artsakh should involve not only state structures, but also representatives of the private sector, so that everybody can make his contribution to the development of the NKR health care system. We use our example to demonstrate that benevolent actions are very important for the people», said Inessa Nazaryan.

The 'EcoSense' Center occupies a leading position in the laboratory diagnostics in Armenia. In addition to laboratory studies, it implements complex medical projects, with the use of modern methods. Soon, a cardiologist will also work in the Stepanakert branch. If specific researches are needed, the bioassays are sent to Yerevan. The Center is equipped with all the means for their transportation.

Because healthcare is a constantly developing sphere, so, in addition to the free diagnostic projects, the specialists of the 'EcoSense' Center also organized a conference in Stepanakert for obstetrician-gynecologists to discuss the sphere's innovations, including the latest methods of researching the sexually transmitted gynecological diseases and the problems resulting from vitamin D-deficiency in the reproductive age.

NKR Minister of Health Karine Atayan also participated in the conference. The issues were presented by the Center's gynecologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Rusudan Vardanyan, who has long cooperated with the medical staff of the Stepanakert Maternal and Child Health Center. According to her, the issues are sufficiently studied and covered, but nevertheless, new methods of diagnosis and tests are applied every year in the modern medicine. Rusudan Vardanyan briefed on the latest test-research on diagnosing gynecological diseases, which enables to determine hormonal, genetic, and other irregularities. She also referred to the old and effective medical methods currently used in the sphere. The gynecologist called upon the local specialists to follow the modern standards of treatment and diagnoses, under which good results are achieved, with the minimal use of medicines. Rusudan Vardanyan also introduced the newest methods' peculiarities and advantages, as well as touched upon some vital issues - all the problems resulting from vitamin D-deficiency, which face men and women not only in the reproductive period, but also in the older age. Vitamin D is important not only for children, but also for adults to be healthy. Vitamin D deficiency decreases the human immunity, causing a range of diseases and inflammatory processes. But, vitamin D should be used strictly in doses, without any overdose.

During the conference, the doctors shared the topics of the latest medical conferences and their work experiences, as well as established close cooperation with the local partners. The representatives of the 'EcoSense' assured that the researches offered by the Center are very popular among professionals and meet the modern standards accepted worldwide. They are conducted only in one or two laboratories in Yerevan.