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On November 20, a memorial party dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Hero of Artsakh, cavalier of Golden Eagle Order, Lance Sergeant of the Defense Army Robert Abajyan took place in the Stepanakert Youth and Culture Palace. It was initiated by the NKR Defense Ministry.

 The event was attended by NKR President Bako Sahakyan, NA Speaker Ashot Ghulyan, deputy leader of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Archimandrite Sahak Shakaryan, MPs, representatives of the supreme command staff of the Defense Army, the hero's relatives, and public representatives. The memorial party was opened with Robert Abajyan’s last recorded words. “I am alone at the positions, I’ll blow up my grenade, if the enemy approaches...” This was the last report of now Hero of Artsakh Robert Abajyan to his commander.

NKR Defense Minister, Commander of the Defense Army, Lieutenant-General Levon Mnatsakanyan noted in his speech that Robert Abajyan had been ranked to the title of Hero by his heroic deeds, and through his dedication to and great pride for the homeland he had bequeathed to the current generation the idea that Homeland is an absolute value.

According to the speaker, on 2-5 April, the world witnessed another attempt by Azerbaijan to capture Artsakh through a blitzkrieg, and the heroic deeds of the Armenian heroes defending the homeland at the cost of their lives. Among them were Robert Abajyan, Armenak Urfanyan, Kyaram Sloyan, Marat Petrosyan, Narek Malkhasyan, and others. The 19-year-old soldier's defending the native land at the cost of his own life and his blowing up a grenade not to be taken captive by the enemy is a phenomenon, which is perhaps difficult to understand for superpowers pursuing political interests, but for us, Armenians, it is a formula of life.

Noting that the homeland's independent present and future continue to serve as a unifying factor for our society, the NKR Defense Minister stressed that we should be firm in withstanding the challenges on our own, because no one will assume our functions to solve the problems facing our country, defend us, develop our economy, strengthen democracy, and make Artsakh a progressive state.

Robert Abajyan's comrade in arms Mushegh Tovmasyan told in details about the heroic deed of his friend Robert, which took a few seconds. Robert bid farewell to the earthly life, joining the galaxy of the heroes who had shaped and continue to shape the image of our national army. Mushegh Tovmasyan stressed that he was proud to have served with Robert Abajyan who, even wounded, had helped his friend and, feeling the risk of being taken captive, had detonated his hand grenade, killing also several Azeri soldiers.

Robert's grandfather, Gevorg Abajyan, presented some details of his childhood and teenage period. According to him, Robert differed from his other grandchildren. Still a small child, he wanted to know much about his ancestors and his family tree, he tried to demonstrate his individuality. He had many friends. Robert liked a military uniform. He tried to shape an image of hero, his image, and it is no coincidence that when the moment came, he displayed heroism without hesitation.

Deputy leader of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Archimandrite Sahak Shakaryan delivered his blessing speech. Congratulating the participants on the hero's birthday, he noted that the courageous son of the Armenian people had given his life for the native land and for coming generations, becoming a bright example of a present-day hero. According to Father Sahak Shakaryan, Robert had reaffirmed that the Armenian spirit is unquenchable and strong.

A film was shown about the youngest Hero of Artsakh, who had been awarded this title for his courage displayed during the April war. It described the main events related to Robert Abajyan. The film was prepared by the staff of Goyamart TV program.