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 A new program – to participate in the improvement of the native community and to get a salary for this – is being launched in the employment sphere. The representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has commented on who, how, and under what conditions can participate in it.

 The Government of Artsakh has already endorsed the procedure: it is possible to participate in the improvement of the native community and to get a salary for this. The program aims to provide jobs for the unemployed, at least temporarily. It is fixed what kind of public activities should be considered a payable job. “The areas, where payable public works should be organized, are: renovation of the social infrastructure entities and improvement of the surrounding areas, roads, highways, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds; fencing and landscaping the areas surrounding state- and historical monuments, museums, cemeteries, as well as ancillary works on the elimination of the consequences of emergencies”, said Head of the Law Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Ruzanna Sargsyan.

The priority will be given to the applications got from rural communities. The community leader should submit the application to the relevant structure of the regional administration. ”The applicant should clearly note the purpose of implementing the program, the deadline of completing the works, their volume and nature, the number of employees and other details. Within two weeks, the regional administration discusses the program with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and if it meets the standards, it endorses it, after which the Employment Agency concludes a relevant agreement with the community. The community leader, in turn, concludes labor contracts with the unemployed citizens, submitting the copies of the contracts to the Agency”, said Ruzanna Sargsyan, briefing on the procedure.

The preference in involving candidates in the program will be given to the unemployed registered in the agency. The community leader can regulate the issues related to the registration, involving also the actual, but not registered unemployed residents. There are limitations. The maximum value of a program is 2 million AMD. The maximum payment for a daily work is 6. 330 AMD, including the income tax. The funding will be made monthly.

The community or another institution and organization can be a co-sponsor. The size and form of state participation will be regulated by the relevant procedure. A community can participate in the program several times – the activity of its leader will play a decisive role. The funding will be implemented within the 20 million AMD provided for the program ‘State Support for the Unemployed’. It is the only initiative in this area claiming 20 million AMD.

 Azat Artsakh newspaper