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January 19 was a significant day for Norshen village of the Martuni region.

 The opening of the 221st, ‘Armat’ Engineering Laboratory of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) took place at the Leonid Hurunts Secondary School of the village. There are some reasons for choosing Norshen to establish there the ‘Armat’.

In this academic year, Ara Harutyunyan, a young engineer-mechanic, was sent to the Norshen school as a physics teacher, within the ‘Teach, Armenia’ program. As to what this program is, we learnt it from its founder, Larisa Hovhannisyan, who visited Norse to attend the opening of her teacher's laboratory. She noted that the program ‘Teach, Armenia’ was launched in 2013, aimed to give every child in our country, regardless of his / her social status, the opportunity to receive the best education. Every year, the organization chooses the best specialists, trains them as teachers and sends to villages where teachers are in demand.

The young teacher briefed on the challenges faced during the four months of the training and the innovations used to overcome them. The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Education, Science and Sports Narine Aghabalyan, Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian, UITE Executive Director Karen Vardanyan and members of the Union, guests and representatives of the neighboring schools, pupils. 

According to UITE Executive Director Mr. Vardanyan, the organization aims to make Armenia a technological country. And the opening of ‘Armat’ Engineering Laboratories is part of the program. They allow to improve the level of engineering education, to promote the development of a new generation of technology, and to make the country competitive. Step by step, the laboratories are opened in schools with dedicated teachers of technical direction who can inspire students, display a creative approach and analytical thinking, do not escape any innovations, are initiative, and have organizational skills. In Norshen, in the person of Ara Harutyunyan, the UITE leadership saw this innovator and laid the root for ‘Armat’.

Coordinator of the UITE program Sedrak Vardanyan congratulated the villagers on such a technological opportunity, noting that only 3 schools in Yerevan had such a laboratory and 17% of schools in entire Armenia. So, the Norshen inhabitants have a unique opportunity to enable their professional orientation to become competitive professionals in the modern world, to master high technologies and to use their technological knowledge for the sake of their community, the army and the Armenian world. He also informed that thanks to the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by the Minister of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Artsakh and the UITE leader on the same day, a greater opportunity had been created for establishing engineering laboratories in Artsakh.

The ‘Armat’ Lab is not only an opportunity for robot building, but also for three- dimension modeling, programming, and getting entrepreneurship skills so that children can further pursue business plans, project marketing, accounting, etc.

RA Minister of Education and Science Narine Aghabalyan, congratulating the villagers, recorded two pleasant facts: first, how one dedicated teacher can inspire a small school and change its way of thinking. The second is the opening of ‘Armat’ Engineering Laboratory, which will form a new culture. It was noted during the signing of the memorandum that competitions between laboratories can take place in Artsakh and, in particular, in Norshen. Ara Harutyunyan proposed to organize an exhibition of Artsakh's technology labs in Norshen every year to mark this day.

The success of any project depends on who the implementers are, how dedicated they are and how great their desire and will are to implement it. Witnessing what has been done in this short period of time, what changes have taken place, I'm more than sure that it can be done across the country. But most importantly, the creation of the laboratories will really change the people’s way of thinking - that it is not necessary to go overseas to look for prosperity; one can live, create, earn a living, and live a full life in his own country”, the Minister said, adding that the ministry would be consistent in creating new opportunities so that real prospects for development in different spheres are opened for our children.

Mr. Vardanyan, in turn, expressed conviction that in 3-4 years, web technology companies would operate in Norshen, which can find work both in Yerevan and at international platforms and to increase the local budget income. He also informed that thanks to their activities towards the strengthening of decentralization, Armenia acquired the right to hold the World Congress in 2018.

  Narine Aghabalyan made the first order on behalf of the Ministry, according to which, Norshen’s ‘Armat’ will make the prizes for the pledged competition between the laboratories.