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In early July of this year, ‘Patriot’ NGO launched the reconstruction and expansion of the school building in Moshatagh village of the Kashatagh region.

 For the recent years, the organization has implemented certain works, in particular, on the construction of school buildings.

The two-storey school in Moshatagh is the fifth that is restored and funded primarily by the ‘Patriot’ NGO. With the support of the Stepan Sargsyan and Nelli-Shush Martirosyan spouse, the organization also supported the renovation and construction of various schools and carried out other nation-wide works. These days, the reconstruction and expansion of school buildings with more than 50 pupils are underway, which is observed by the department of urban development and architecture of the regional administration office. These days, mainly interior works are conducted, which last till late evening. The workers try to finish their work as soon as possible. From September 1, along with the construction works, classes in the half-built rooms were held in two shifts. Co-founder of the ‘Patriot’ Stepan Sargsyan informed that $100,000-worth works are to be implemented. The amount is provided by donors, the main of which is the Prelacy of the Armenian Churches of the Western Bank of America.

There are also individuals. The construction works are being carried out perfectly by over 10 masters and workers. They are to be completed by late November. The community administration will also operate on the first floor of the building. Representative of the regional administration Suren Abrahamyan informed that there was no shortage of building materials, and they would finish the works in time, providing high quality. A boiler house is being built through the funding of the Artsakh Government. 

The school will be named after Meruzhan Stepanyan, who deceased in the April war of 2016.



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