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Resettlement of residents in Talish is starting

Gennady Yeremyan

The reconstruction phases in Talish are almost complete; the next step is the phase of returning the inhabitants to their birthplace. On July 24, President Bako Sahakyan paid a working visit to this frontier settlement. A consultation was held on issues related to the implementation of different programs here. State Minister Grigory Martirosyan, other officials, a group of villagers attended the consultation.
The process of rebuilding the ruined settlement during the April war began immediately. As of today, the construction of the celebration house, community center, school and kindergarten has been completed. These buildings are also provided with the necessary furniture and equipment. In the first phase of the revitalization of the village 19 houses were renovated, 18 houses in the second phase, and in the third phase (which started this year) renovations of 8 houses and construction of 10 new residential houses are included.
Minister of Urban Development Karen Shahramanyan states in his report: in total, 45 residential houses have been renovated in the village, 10 of which are under construction and will be completed in August this year. 1 billion 780 million drams has already been spent, 770 million drams of which has been invested by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and 1 billion 10 million drams by the government.
As for the new school building, this educational institution is one of the best in the republic on its own terms,- Minister of Education, Science and Sport Narine Aghabalyan underlines, adding that it is fully operational. As an official, responsible for this field, she adds that the Ministry is ready and will help to ensure an appropriate level of education, from pedagogical specialists to the creation of laboratories. However, the majority of Talish residents continue to live in Alashan, and some in Mataghis and Charentsavan city of Armenia.
Once the village is restored, residents should return to their homes: we have acted with this hope, - President Bako Sahakyan says in his speech. Of course, there was also a psychological barrier here, which seems to have already been overcome. However, some Talish residents are hesitant to return.
The president is interested in the exact reason why the families have not returned and lived in their native village to this day, expecting a genuine response from the Talish people.
If they return, they will have to deal with cattle breeding, and in pastures near the village there are problems with water supply to animals. Let's say the springs have dried up and this is one of the reasons.
They have no cowshed and for some this is a problem to return to the village. Problems also include the issue of drinking water quality and water supply, especially during the summer.
Of course, there are issues that are solvable and will be resolved in the course of time. But to achieve this, the landlords must not judge and demand from a distance, but must return and become participants in the construction of their homes, - Bako Sahakyan exhorts.
They say, the one who does not wish will bring a thousand and one reasons, and the one who wishes will act, ignoring all obstacles. An officer of Defense Army, Garegin Sargsyan, who is a father of four children, is ready to return to the village with his family; all that is left is to get the keys to the newly built house.
Lusine Brazyan is also looking forward to living with her five children in her native village: she is also one of the first Talish returnees with her family.
So there are many optimistic Talish residents who, whatever the circumstances, are ready to return to their native place. And the village is waiting for everyone with open arms. It is not excluded that in addition to the old, Talish will acquire new owners.