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Narek Sahakyan 

 Vazgenashen: one of the youngest communities in Artsakh It was founded in 2000 and is honored with the name of Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan. At the time of its establishment, a water supply system was built in the village, which had worn out over the years. As the head of the community Andranik Babayan says, the water loss in the village with scarce resources of water was high. The net did not justify itself: the valves were not fully functioning. Old-fashioned iron pipes also drained water. And now everything has been replaced with new, by the way, polyethylene pipes.

The issue was finally resolved in cooperation with the Government of the Artsakh Republic, the Swiss “Cedric Marten” and the French “SPFA” funds. A fountain was installed in the center of the village as a sign of completion. And the honor of cutting the symbolic red ribbon was given to the head of the community Andranik Babayan and the director of the Swiss Foundation "Sedrik Marten", Dominik Priva.
The Vazgenashen residents expressed their gratitude to the benefactors for their work, as well as to those who helped the charity to reach the community. Jacques and Sona Matossians, who represent the French SPFA Foundation, are happy to support the Artsakh villages through joint efforts. It is said that they have been organizing donations for years to promote the prosperity of their homeland.
According to the head of the community, the village still has to have 24-hour water supply. The problem is that there is not enough water in the source. For this reason, the village has difficulty in cultivating vegetable crops and gardening. The village gets water for hours, on average 2-3 hours a day. We can provide water for 4 hours on separate days. 24-hour water is mainly available during the spring and winter months,” says A. Babayan.
In Vazgenashen they hope that one day their village will have constant water supply.