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ANOTHER SMALL part of my COUNTRY BREATHES armenian ...


Our day in Berdzor was opened by a wonderful view of the golden fall ... Glory to you, Lord; another miraculous part of my country breathes Armenian, relying on stones, giving
breath and spirit, relying on honorable children.
... Harutyun Berberyan, head of the financial department of the Kashatagh district administration, has been living in Berdzor since 1997. Harutyun, who had received higher education in Yerevan, had one day decided to relocate to Berdzor, to apply his experience and knowledge to the newly established district, in need of help and warmth, why not the district, too. Who, if not himself, with his presence would give new breath and meaning to a part of the liberated homeland. This was the main reason, but Harutyun does not hide; there were other circumstances, as well. He tried to make a personal contribution to the resettlement of the liberated territories, and he is happy, that at least somehow succeeded. And to integrate, my interlocutor thinks that 22 years is not enough, and to integrate for a hundred percent, he thinks at least a generation will have to change. He got married in Berdzor, his children were born here, but eventually they have grandparents and relatives whose presence is no less important. From time to time they spend holidays with their relatives… ‘To continue to live in Berdzor or come back anyway?’ The question is pending every day, the decision is difficult, they have been connected to the land and water, the parents need their care,at the same time, and Harutyun has his share of debt. Nevertheless, at the moment they have no intention of returning yet… Harutyun promised to give a more concrete answer at our next meeting. Referring to the social standard of living of the people, he assessed it as average, still with a slightly difficult lifestyle.
… A woman was standing at the front of the administration building looking depressed and fighting with her thoughts indifferent to the surroundings. I approached, asking how she was, unwillingly, however, she confessed: they called from the community’s social welfare department, she came from the village of Ghochants, her house was burned, it turned into gray, they say it was burned because of power fluctuations, and she didn't know what to do…Expressing condolences to the stranger, I was sure Adunc Anahit  will not be left alone with her loss and grief: the regional administration has solved such problems for years, and this one will solve, too.
We met Gohar Ohanjanyan as we were leaving the boarding school. She was very direct; she immediately opened her heart, not waiting for our questions. She has been living in Berdzor since 2000, she has moved here with her family. She confesses: “When we go to Yerevan for a few days, I can't stand it. My mind is in Berdzor. I can no longer imagine my life without this land and water. My five children were born here, and Berdzor is not just a birthplace for them, it is a homeland. Years later they will be proud to remember that they are among the first inhabitants. “The mother of five children shared her family joy with us: soon it will be the 15th anniversary of their marriage; she says she has been living in Berdzor since the age of six, raising three soldiers in his family and two brides of traditional homes.
The three little ones, Gor, Grigor and Gagik, with whom we tried to find 'a language', live in the boarding school; these three future soldiers here receive full education and upbringing. When we asked the children to share their daily routine, the first-grader Gor began to say: "My hands are right and left, I have nothing to fear, not everyone knows who works, he will eat ..." Then Gor sang for us with Varduhi. The children of the orphanage shared their dreams with us… Andranik dreams of becoming a pilot, Gagik - a doctor, Pargev - a car driver or cook, Marianna - a designer, Karine- a hairdresser, Diana - a doctor. We said goodbye to the boarding students, taking with us their dreams and frightened looks that showed their longing for parents and family, untranslatable with words… Our lips muttered in prayer. May God protect these innocent angels who have many dreams but are devoid of maternal love and care. We met Gayane Sayamyan on the way, and she sat down to talk with us. She got married and lives in Kashatagh, her husband works in the military commissariat. Gayane is the head of the boarding school, she has got a child, Maria. She does not complain about her livelihood, social conditions, she married lovingly, and where her husband, there she will be. She already has friends, though she misses Stepanakert, but she is sure that the years will get closer to her new surroundings.
Lena Isakhanyan came to Berdzor with her parents, and then married, raised a family, and has two daughters now, Ani and Anahit. They go to Berdzor with their grandparents, and since they have come here, they never thought of leaving. Her father, Ararat Isakhanyan, participated in the liberation of Berdzor and it was his decision: they should come and resettle here. Family members eagerly obeyed his decision. We are in the citadel, says Lena, now we are close both to Stepanakert and to Yerevan, we have become accustomed to the surroundings and we know that in time all the waters will flow in one way.

Anjela Davtyan has been living in liberated Berdzor since 2000. We are now indigenous locals, my daughter got married here, and my son will soon get married, my grandchildren should be proud that they were born in this part of the homeland, on the land liberated by their forefathers, which are the strong faith and belief linking the two Armenian republics of Artsakh-Armenia.
Anna Gevorgyan was born in Berdzor in 1997. Her parents moved to district center in 1996. Joining our conversation, Anna's mother, Nelly Tadevosyan, says they came here from Martuni, where she had a son and a daughter, and her son, Monte, currently serving in the Armenian Army, is a soldier. Nelly works in the district administration. This is my homeland, it is my home, I cannot even think of leaving, I have been here for 24 years. She does not deny that they too have given the city a new breath and color. Nelly is amazed at the question of social scarcity. Curling her beautiful eyebrows she testifies that people's livelihoods have long been sufficient, the economy and those who earn a living are providing a higher standard of living for themselves and their children, as they say, gathering two pennies for a rainy day. Many have multiplied what they had. And anyone who does not own a home is usually provided with a job. Nelly condemns those who have their own house and garden, but do not cultivate the land; she does not understand the people, who do not make the night a day for the well-being of their families. If everyone is a little concerned about their homeland, state, army and their own family, everything will be wonderful ... Endlessly complaining and cursing the darkness you will not achieve anything, she says ... However, instead of cursing the darkness, everyone should light a candle. When they came in 1996, they went through many hardships, built a house from the base and enjoyed the result of their sweat. Maybe that's why every inch of land here has a different price, weight and meaning.