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I wish our work would be continued…

 Van Novikov

 For the past 40 years the tailor has been listening to the story of regular sounds like the morph alphabet. The story of a bouncing needle is probably older than ... even Tsakuri, whose ancient khachkar is dated back to 1198 AD. I don't know, but maybe archaeologists in Azokh have already found the needle made by one of our ancestors, of the thinnest bones of an extinct animal that disappeared millennia ago.

There is some nobility in the professional and lively movement of the tailor. Master Volodya's mind strings to his native Tsakuri. It is said that there was even an Iceland feldspar mine discovered there. But, well, mining was probably not for the Tsakuri people. This was perhaps the reason why excellent learner Volodya Ohanjanyan was fascinated by the world of cybernetics at school. He was accepted to the university neither for the first nor for the second attempt. Agriculture was no less an attractive and profitable occupation. A dream remained as it was before.

"More precisely, I didn't want to go to the agriculture faculty, because the craft I chose was no less respectable and profitable," my interlocutor smiles thoughtfully.

He returned from Yerevan and waited for the military conscription, which took a little longer. In order to patch the gap between waiting and idling, on the father's advice, he decided to learn tailoring.

Master Rafik succeeded in conveying his love of tailoring to his apprentice.

He says that the words of a good master-teacher were no less authoritative than the parent's advice at the time.

The money and the respect and honor of any craftsman were not inferior to any other profession.

Dressing with taste and originality is a matter of beauty and honor. At that time, there were pieces of natural thread and high quality pieces. They weren't synthetic like nowadays. And the stitches were not as crooked as the Turkish or the Chinese. In addition, there was hardly any ready-made clothing available at that time. Now they come only to shorten or modify it, but there is always a job, and the income is with it, “says Mr. Volodya, as if reading my thoughts.


"The deal is more expensive than money." This philosophy is a lifestyle in a somewhat cold workshop. It is no wonder that Master Volodya is proud of his earned respect and friends. He says that a life of gratitude has always been a guide. He remembers that at one wedding everyone was dressed in clothes he made.

"What else could have been more satisfying and proud than that," his eyes shined. Certainly, he was inspired by the passion he had for his craft.

“With this trade, I have been able to serve both my family and my surroundings. I raised a child. I am not sorry for failing to get into university. Moreover, instead of being accepted for agriculture, I am also engaged in beekeeping. In any case, the road has shown life, ”the tailor said.

"Master, when they say ‘measure seven times, cut once’, do you need it at work only or it is used also in life?" I suddenly remembered perhaps the most important question.

"It's about caution and extra scrutiny so that there is no omission." When I was studying electrical engineering, our master said when assembling high-voltage power plants that the strength of any screw was important and decisive. It is the same in everything. In life, so that gaps can be minimized, caution and scrutiny are the driving forces in this regard. "

When I was leaving the workshop, the tailor-master shouted: "You know, I wouldn't say that, but it's the story of our lives." I just wish our work could be continued. "