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 I got to know and interact with Hovhannes and Ruzanna Khachatryan, their unusual family, within the framework of Artsakh Public Television's "The Scale of Spirit" TV project. The large family lives in a state of extreme social distress. The only breadwinner of the home, the family's father, Hovhannes Khachatryan, is a contract serviceman. His wife, Ruzanna, has given birth to five children despite her young age, the smallest of which is only two months old.
Unfortunately, two of their children, Bat and Valerick, suffer from an incurable illness. Despite scarce resources, parents do their best to bring their sons back to full life. A recent study at one of Yerevan's leading medical facilities found that their children needed to be examined abroad. Ruzanna and Hovhannes do not lose hope. They don't even want to hear about handing over their children to an orphanage… As her husband says, they are bound to take over their sons born with disabilities until death. The mother of the children assure swith tears that she is a strong woman and a loving mother and will always be with her children. And maybe a miracle happens, and they will find a way to heal their children. During all this time, Ruzanna has knocked many doors, but to no avail. Relevant authorities say that children receive benefits and that they cannot do more. Husband's wages are hardly enough to feed the large family. The two underage children with disabilities, who are longing for help, need the help and care of each of us. By the time they were one year old, everything seemed to be okay, but the mother later noticed that the children were deprived of the ability to speak, walk, and so forth. Doctors have diagnosed the slowdown in global development. Bat has also become squint-eyed since the age of one. Parents do not even have the opportunity to take their children to specialized clinics of ‘Arabkir’ or ‘Astghik’ in Yerevan, where medical examination is expensive.  Specialists from Armenia and Artsakh are hesitant to give a final diagnosis, they advise to go to foreign clinics for a final diagnosis…. But how …? The family is not ready for it either physically or materially.
According to ‘Arevik’ medical union’s physician Ernest Lalayan (he was also their district doctor), problems in children have emerged from an early age. After the consultation with the neurologist and the recovery, no positive movement was observed, after which they were referred to the appropriate medical facilities in Yerevan for examination.
Both were diagnosed with an unknown diagnosis. Doctors suspect the children’s disease is of genetic origin and it was not possible to make a clear diagnosis neither in Yerevan nor in Stepanakert. Such genetic tests can only be performed abroad.  At ‘Arabkir’ Medical Center parents were advised to continue rehabilitation therapy and conduct research for definitive diagnosis.
The family, living in an uncomfortable, damp, basement floor also has to deal with a lot of domestic inconvenience. They have been renting for 10 years, they have applied to the municipality, and they said the family still has to wait ... How long should they wait? They cannot afford to pay their rent on time, they cannot afford to pay for utilities, and twice a year they take their children to a doctor in Yerevan, which is another expense. To say that the children are fully nourished is not right. In short, unbearable conditions, and when the hosts tell them to free the house, they do not know how to act because of a difficult situation. It is difficult to predict how a large family will cope with the ordeal. For 10 years, the family's father, Hovhannes, has been in contract service, saying he has no help from aside, he withstood the concerns alone, if the children were at least healthy, they would still be able to survive, but at what cost, only God knows. Their hope is for people of good will, with the help of which they will have the opportunity to take their children abroad for treatment. According to their neighbors, the husband is not only a conscientious servant but also a tireless helper in all matters ranging from child care to education and upbringing. 
For parents, if abroad is unavailable, taking them to Stepanakert Rehabilitation Center is difficult and problematic. If there is little opportunity, Bat and Valerik are taken to a special care kindergarten, where skilled professionals try to restore children's language skills and integrate them into the environment. The results are not satisfactory because parents are simply incapable of consistency. According to rehabilitation therapist Christine Petrosyan, if parents are consistent and maintain a normal frequency, then there are results, otherwise, it is futile to expect results. According to Vardan Tadevosyan, director of the Rehabilitation Center, the Khachaturian family should be supported in every way possible. The children, of course, not often, but go to their center for treatment by various specialists, but their social status does not allow them to regularly attend, so the results are not positive. W. Tadevosyan called on the public to support the family in continuing treatment for children. 
According to representatives of the organizations " A helping hand “and "Mother of Charity", unfortunately, we still have families in Artsakh that need help and support. According to them, if they are reunited, if one family gets rid of their worries, one child gets healed and comes back to full life, they will feel rewarded.
The book of Proverbs reminds: "A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs His steps." May the Lord establish the path of benevolence for us, the way of helping those in distress. Let's go to folk wisdom, which suggests that "a man's biography starts not from his birthday, but from the moment he performs his first good deed" ... Good luck if we can't do more, at least one SMS to 3555 short number, for the price of 500 AMD, send to Khachatryan. And those who have more opportunities, they can transfer money to the account of Ruzan Khachatryan opened at Artsakhbank 22301043182101. Let us try to be the most helpful to the family in need. Let us support the young family.