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Within the framework of this year's state budget, various construction and reconstruction works will be carried out in Askeran, some of which have already been completed, and others are in progress.
As we learned from Askeran Mayor Hayk Shamiryan, the construction of three apartment buildings in the city is currently underway. After the completion of the works we will have 8 buildings in the city, which will be provided to citizens belonging to different housing groups and belonging to different social groups. The order of provision has not been clarified yet, but, in the opinion of the mayor, preferential conditions will apply.
- In two buildings adjacent to the Secondary School after Edmon Barseghyan, construction and reconstruction works are being carried out, which have been underway for about two months. As a result, we will have a pre-school building with all the amenities. The works are carried out by "Stroy Tech" LLC. In general, all the construction and improvement works carried out in the city are carried out by different companies, which solves the problem of employment of the employees of those companies in these difficult and emergency situations, - said the mayor, adding that within the framework of the program, the heating systems of the school's gymnasium and pre-school buildings will be reconstructed.
The improvement works of the yard of Shahumyan 76 apartment building have entered the final phase. Asphalting works will be carried out in the near future. In the yard of the building, sidewalks were highlighted, retaining walls were built, paving, landscaping, drainage works were carried out, and a special place was built for the installation of garbage bins. The semi-enclosed light building providing free access for the residents will be reconstructed, and a children's swing will be installed next door.
One of the construction and improvement works in the city is the process of relocating the 50-seat shelter in "Ghlizhbagh ", which is carried out by "Yeraktsum" LLC. In the district this year, the sidewalks were paved and asphalted. Gasification works are being carried out in the newly built Berd district of the city, and installation of drinking water meters is being carried out on Artsakh and Danilyan streets.
Speaking about the upcoming programs, Hayk Shamiryan mentioned that there is still a lot to do in the city and they will be implemented step by step.
- The constructions of the Chamber of Culture and military apartment buildings are on the agenda. Improvement works will be carried out in the yards of all apartment buildings, children's playgrounds will be built. The programs of providing the districts with benches and lighting the streets are of continuous nature. In a word, everything possible is being done to make the Askeran residents feel safe and comfortable, - said H. Shamiryan.
Landscaping works have been carried out by "Khachenshin" CJSC in the city. This year, the areas of monuments and certain parts of the city's central streets have been greened. Previously, the company carried out the work of cultivating green areas and alleys, maintaining the cleanliness of the city.
"According to the agreement signed with the company, we have a strong working relationship, which is aimed at keeping our hometown always clean and providing a stable sanitary and hygienic condition, as well as to give Askeran a beautiful appearance," said the mayor.
We are sure that in the near future you will have a better city, where every Askeran resident will feel safe and protected.