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Karvachar city

Hayk Petrosyan, the head of Shahumyan district administration of the Republic of Artsakh, has been living in Karvachar for more than 10 years. September 16 marks the 100th day of Hayk Petrosyan, a former director of the Shahumyan Regional Medical Association, as head of the regional administration. Summing up the past 100 days, the head of the regional administration mentions that from a new point of view, looking at the region with a new look, he understood that there is a lot of work to be done in the region.
"I have always been interested in the problems of the region as a resident, as a concerned citizen, but in practical terms, in terms of finding solutions, many of them have not been my problems. "There are issues that I just could not see from the previous workplace," he says.
Despite that, living in the region for 10 years helps the head of the regional administration in his work today. "At the same time, I can say for sure that I am quite familiar with the region and its peculiarities."
There is no problem that seems unsolvable for Hayk Petrosyan in the region today. According to him, the main key to solving all the problems is resettlement.
"Certain steps are being taken for resettlement. Sydney district with 15 residential houses is under construction. Four apartment buildings must be reconstructed as residential. The project of the latter is in the process of preparation, after that the construction works will start".
According to the head of the regional administration, the emphasis in resettlement programs will be on inviting specialists, mainly pedagogues, doctors, intellectuals, cultural figures.
Speaking about the most important processes being carried out in the region at the moment, Hayk Petrosyan emphasized the asphalting of about 20 km of the road coming from Vardenis-Martakert highway to Karvachar. "This important initiative is implemented at the suggestion of the President of Artsakh. At the suggestion of the President, the main street of Karvachar, Azatamartikner Street, will be completely asphalted.
According to the head of the regional administration, the development of agriculture is one of the priority spheres of the region. "There are several development programs, which we will present after becoming exact projects."
The head of the district administration also sees the solution of all the problems of the district in the individual behavior of each resident. The personal responsibility of the residents is very important in solving any problem. "The most caring and conscious approach of each person can change the pace of problem solving," Hayk Petrosyan is sure.