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The other day Van and Anita Poghosyan (Bogosian) was in Armenia on a charity mission. By organizing a fundraiser in Fresno, USA, they aimed to support the families of the missing servicemen who died in the 3rd Artsakh war.
The couple mainly included their acquaintances and relatives in the fundraising event. But, as Van Poghosyan said, foreign people were present, actors, who encouraged the participants of the gathering with their speeches. In total, 30,000 (thirty thousand) US dollars were collected. All in all, they decided not to buy gifts with the collected money, but to provide financial support to 100 families of the killed or missing soldier, providing $ 300 each. It was decided that the financial support should not be sent, but delivered in person. For that purpose, the Poghosyan couple visited Armenia after the Christmas holidays and personally delivered the financial aid.
The most needy were selected, especially those who had not previously received any support outside the city of Yerevan. "Frankly, the Diaspora Armenians have a slight decrease in trust in the distribution of aid in a fair way." My wife and I, like the participants in the fundraiser, "decided to bring the money ourselves and distribute it to the pre-selected families." To speak the truth, our time was short. "It was difficult for us to be in each family in just five days, especially since those families were outside Yerevan. But we did it with great responsibility. "We have taken care of our travel expenses ourselves, so that not to spend a single dollar from the money collected," said Poghosyan.
"Three hundred dollars is not a thing, it is not enough to take care of the family for a month. But people were satisfied with the attention paid to them. And in order for everything to be clear and transparent, each of our visits was recorded with videos and photos. We have to show all that in Fresno for two purposes. Firstly, we delivered the money with our own hands; secondly, people should see it and provide assistance in the future. "Besides, there may be those who, seeing needy families, want to send money to one of them in the future," said Anita Poghosyan.
According to Van Poghosyan, the initiative was his wife, Anita’s, and he assures that it will be continuous. By the way, Van Poghosyan is a doctor-surgeon by profession; he has been in Artsakh for several years in a row, to provide free medical care to the people of Artsakh. Both Anita and Van are deeply saddened by the end of the war, for the loss of a part of Artsakh. However, they are ready to continue their charitable missions, only let Artsakh stands up again ...
This is the second fundraiser organized by Anita. The first, again $ 30,000, which was organized during the war, we donated to the Foundation; we do not know what happened to that money... Artsakh is going through hard times. Our hearts beat, the pain is deep ... Nevertheless, Artsakh must live, and it is our duty to revive Artsakh. We know it will be very difficult, but we must find a way out, not give up, recover, be strong ... Otherwise, our existence will not make sense, "says Van Poghosyan.