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In response to our questions, the Ministry of Social Development and Migration of the Artsakh Republic clarified the functions of the department, which refer to the provision of employment and labor rights , referring in that framework to the existing problems and solutions in the sphere.

Employment and labor rights functions

- The Ministry of Social Development and Migration of the Artsakh Republic carries out activities aimed at the implementation of annual employment programs, collection of information on the labor market, formation of a database for job exchange, registration of unemployed persons, provision of unemployed status, information on newly created vacancies on the official website of the Ministry and through the mass media, advice for professional orientation of job seekers and on the implementation of the Labor Code, providing clarifications to legal entities and individuals.

Problems and solutions

- They mainly apply for a job, in which case job seekers are introduced to the vacancies available to employers, are offered to participate in skills acquisition programs. We would like to inform you that compared to the previous one, the number of vacancies provided by employers has sharply decreased after the war, while the number of job seekers, on the contrary, has increased.

The most common problem: What should the employee do to avoid this?

- The most common problems are the mismatch of labor supply and demand in the labor market, the scarcity of suitable jobs required by the labor force, the geographical mismatch of supply and demand, the amount of wages, the mismatch of labor's professionalism with the demands of vacancies offered by the labor market. One of the problems in the labor market is ensuring the employment of uncompetitive people, the difficulties associated with young people entering the labor market for the first time, especially in the absence of their professional work experience, the existence of         which is required by the employer. In rural communities, the problem is not permanent, but mainly seasonal employment of the population. Based on the mentioned problems, we offer job seekers, even temporarily, to find a job before finding a more suitable one.

P.S.The International Workers' Solidarity Day is celebrated on May 1.