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 Poghosagomer village has a unique taste and smell. You fall in love with the village from the very first seconds, when you try to look at the mountains and forests around the village. Of course, I cannot explain and convey it in words, because Poghosagomer is a place to go, to see, to stay.

Our first stop in the village was the road from the highway to Poghosagomer, where active asphalting works were underway. The road connecting the village to the highway will be paved and asphalted in a few days, or maybe at the moment when I am writing about Poghosagomer, it is already paved.

The asphalting of the road is an exceptional phenomenon for Poghosagomer and its inhabitants, as the village has never had an asphalt road connecting the highway.

The people of Poghosagomer, who carefully follow the asphalting works, say that the village is turning into acity, and that Poghosagomerwillbecome the center of the world. And the children of the village are looking forward to the completion of the asphalting works so that they can ride a bicycle on the new, well-maintained road.

The inhabitants of Poghosagomer were very enthusiastic; each of them considered the asphalting of the road connecting the village to the highway a personal happiness.

Our next stop was in RozaArakelyan's large family. Mrs. Rosa's son is the father of 8 children, six sons and two daughters. We were hosted in their newly built house; it was built by the state and provided to them as a large family. Mrs. Rosa showed us the rooms of the newly built house with special warmth and said, "We are waiting for the children to grow up a little and move to the new house."

When we tried to understand whether, as the elder of a large family, Mrs. Rosa was able to organize the daily life of the family, our interlocutor said:”I am the richest person in the world, of course, there are many difficulties, but we overcome it with love, because for the sake of our children we must do everything, they are our future. Every citizen of Artsakh today should have many children; it should become a strategy for us. That's the key to our resilience. For example, I am a happy person that I have so many grandchildren; each of them is the eye of the school, the village. I live with them. And then, you know, if there is peace, everything will happen automatically, we will succeed in everything. May there be peace, the people of Artsakh need it the most now, the rest is a matter of time, a little more, a little less, it is not a problem. If there is no war, everything will go its own way.

A little excited by Mrs. Rosa's words, but determined to look more resolutely into tomorrow, we drove through the forest to the center of Poghosagomer, bypassing the entire village, as the main road, as I mentioned, was closed due to ongoing work.

In the middle of the village we met AshotArstamyan, a beekeeper, who accompanied us to his house to show his hives. The colorful hives were already pleasing to the eye from afar. When we were already there, we tried to talk to Ashot Arstamyan about the nuances of beekeeping and daily work.

-I have been engaged in beekeeping since I was 7 years old, this profession has been passed down from generation to generation in our family, my father used to say that working with bees is healthy and useful. And I am not talking about honey; I think no one is unaware of how useful honey is for a person. Now I have 34 hives, my age and health do not allow, otherwise I could keep more than 100. Please, come and have funduring honey squeezing, see all the nuances of the case.

Poghosagomer is a village of interesting people with its different way of life and unusual hustle and bustle. I say unusual, because the village is quite small.

We left Poghosagomer with inexplicable impressions, the nature, the people, their way of life generalized the features of the people of Artsakh, the colors of our homeland were noticeable in the eyes of every inhabitant of Poghosagomer. Poghosagomer is a victorious, living and creative kind of land.